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Dictatorship that Lurks Beneath Democracy: Vinasha Kaale Vipareetha Buddhi

Before I set my pen rolling, spoonfuls of gratitude, in neat porcelain containers for a few blessed souls, who jolted me out of my slumber and inspired me to take the pen again: Sreedhar, for constant, genuine reminders that "Ente Sakhi" was in a state of unwarranted, prolonged hibernation; Vikasji, for introducing me to powerful, concrete, worthwhile writing platforms; Satyaji, for all the wonderful acknowledgement at Pyrumas; Harshaji, for Indiawires.com and Srinand Kaushik for spontaneously striking topics.     

Exactly a day after the nation celebrated her 65th Independence Day, the rulers perched on top of the democratic regime showed their true colours in totality. They decided to reveal their dictatorial cloak completely to the citizens. In what can be termed as the biggest blot on democracy, the Delhi Police swooped down to arrest Anna Hazare even before he launched his hunger strike. His crime: he refused to go back on his peaceful hunger strike. 

Kiran Bedi, the Jhasi Rani in Team Anna made it clear to the entire nation that the detention drama had a crafty pair of “controlling hands behind”. To some smart alec, she retorted that “detetion” and “arrest” were probably different only in lexicons and that legally, it was all the same. 

The entire country has made its response clear, in the form of marches, fasts and peaceful protests that things are not going to be taken lightly. And in the midst of it all, the Home Minister proudly declares his feats: the detention of 1,300 odd people at Delhi and taken to Chatrasal stadium (I would like to know the means used). So much for the rulers’ post-independence gift for a nation that is said to be the world’s largest democracy!!

Just wanted to confirm, if I have my facts right- “democracy”, I suppose is a form of governance, where citizens in a country have all rights to voice themselves. It calls for people’s participation in every stream in society, where elected representatives are supposed to serve people. And I remember from Madhukar Rao sir’s innumerable etymological instances that taking its origin from the Greek language, the word has close proximity with what is known as “rule of the people”. 

Over years I gathered that this form of government is a breather for people, standing sharply in contrast to its notoriously suppressive cousins known as autocracy, despotism, dictatorship and a host of other forms that stifle citizens. Along with the uncountable mass of Indian population, I believe that pre-independence era had a colonial, dictatorial rule. And in modern times, the fuming countries of the world are in a Herculean and near successful effort in dethroning their dictatorial masters.

So back to India: Bharat, as I would prefer to refer to my nation: The constitution states that it is democracy, but that has been under question for quite some time. No. Not because of Narendra Modi, who is a favourite, yet unyielding and unsuccessful bait of the ruling class of democratic dictators. My doubt, like millions of other citizens began, when we all realized that India still reels under foreign rule- under a sly dictator, who is skilled at puppetry. Issues snowballed and finally, when last week, the government declared that it wanted to check the citizen’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, it was all clear.

Looking into social networking accounts- oh! Well, that’s not ‘looking’, is it? That’s what the lexicon would inform you as ‘prying’. Prying into people’s free realms of speech is the biggest symptom and indication that the death knell of democracy has been sounded. Freedom of press is the “lifeblood of democracy”. Ages ago, John Milton said that in his “Areopagetica” as well. The mainstream media has been “purchased” and made to dance according to the tunes of the dictators. 

But then, there emerged another form that could just not be suppressed- the internet. This media is constantly updating people that the Honourable Home Minister (who is now reveling in his newfound position in the dictatorial seat) has informed that Anna Hazare has been held for “breach of peace”. He warbled further, “Protests are welcome but they should be peaceful. I think this is unacceptable. The government is not against democratic, peaceful protest.”

Along with me, millions will pounce on this seemingly insane character, first with a series of “wh-questions”- “How”, “When”, “Where”. And following the idiotic silence, there would be mass verbal onslaughts, which the once intelligent gentleman will fail to answer. Did Anna Hazare and his team and the entire band of supporters raise their decibels? Did they chant slogans? Did they pelt stones? Did they swarm inside offices and slash window panes? Were there road blockades? No mention of vehicles getting burnt?? Did they possess arms and ammunition? Then how on earth is it “un-peaceful” and “un-democratic” Mr. Chidambaram? Or are we following a new version of democracy, known as dictatorial democracy, one framed by a wily puppet master, who is now in convalescing stages?

The relatively new media, known as internet media has a deluge of messages for the captain at the helm and her mates  of the sinking ship known as UPA. Here go a few selected tweets (will the prying government have the strength to actually read its own dirt?):
There is Bharatiya, who could obviously not hide his “glee” regarding the country’s “independence”: Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi & Arvind Kejriwal arrested on 65th Independence Day for fighting against Corruption!! Happy Independence Day folks!!

Let us assume that the Delhi Police and UPA are indeed “duty bound”. If so, Praful Nikam wonders in his tweets: Police & Cong Govt arrest Anna even before law broken; Appreciate prompt response but then why Sheila Dixit is out after so many case proved. He would also like to know: Indira arrested JP; Sonia/Rahul Arrested Anna. Does Gandhi Family have genetic disorder of killing democracy? I join my friend Prafulji: The same efficiency of Delhi Police will steer clear the city of crime. (Delhi Police will now be diagnosed for a rare medical condition known as selective deafness).

Says Bhaskarchat: If Anna's movement continues for next two days in rest of India specially in major cities, Congress is in for serious trouble.  And Rajeev Chandrasekhar: Maybe Manmohan Singh shd speak to Mubarak in Egypt and be reminded of the blowback of using force! (That will give Chidambaram a taste of what is known as “un-peaceful” demos).
As Rajeev Mantri tweets: Manmohan Singh and Congress-UPA have completely lost legitimacy. The only way out seems to be to call a general election right away. Rajeev, throw a casual glance behind and you will find a battalion behind you in support.

If only the PM could be made to read twitter, chimed Bhavna, most precisely.  I could not agree less, Bhavana!!

(Article written for indiawires.comhttp://indiawires.com/1350/opinion/dictatorship-that-lurks-beneath-democracy-vinasha-kaale-vipareetha-buddhi/