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For all i am either the sweetest lady or the nastiest creature,depending on how i have been to them.But to the one or two who read me best, i am a weirdo.For Shalu i definitely am one,for my mother too.Nobu loves his sister dearly,yet finds her unbearable.Siddharth "thought i was intelligent",but he dons the chameleon gown now.And there is someone who simply refuses to understand me. I think i am normal, as all insanes plead...Quite a private person,I never pry ,as a rule and expect the same in return. I believe that the world would be a better place if humans had the habit of reading sane ideas, spoke less - did more, lied less - smiled more, nagged less - thought more.. It wud be still better if people respected nature, saw her power and unyielding fury,and realised that her sweetness is terrifying. Well, thats not about me, but thats what i feel!!! Back to few more points on me: i love animals.And have 3 fourlegged kids. On an unofficial basis, there are a few felines and crows too. I am passionate about my country and her culture and whole heartedly hate every maurauding element. I believe that truth will ultimately triumph, no matter how difficult and bleak the path is!


My Soul and The Rain.

Everyone seems to blog these days. Its become a fancy , as common as a mobile phone. Almost everyone is a literary genius, probably holding the satisfaction of being a Kalidasa, Keats or Toru Dutt. I wanted to write, but never "Blog" in my life. But kids change your very being. Siddharth, the first of my nephews responsible for my Orkut addiction gave a suggestion, bordering on the throes of an order. And so it began. Humans and animals who have inspired me, of whom i should express my feelings , shall figure amply in this little world of mine. But above all, a basketful of gratitude for a good friend PadmaKumar for christening my realm "Ente Sakhi"

This morning ,taking a break from official duties, i stood on the balcony watching a possible thunder storm gather potency. The steaming coffee and the chill of the wind stirred up what has been modestly penned.

The white canvas loomed,
tinged grey-here and there: I wondered 
what the supreme artist had mixed,
To get the hue.
What was it that she splashed
to change it oft- now n then.
The blend, perfect and splendour 
all in tact, 
In spite of a drab shade
that stared out aimlessly,
speaking out its silence.

I guzzled the charm, waiting
for a change, a surprise
she might spring.
The darkening canvass said it all- 
and there it came !
A gentle spray of unsullied beads,
The cool elixir- fresh and divine
dribbled down
Keeping me alive forever
n ever........

Who strummed then, at the moment
The notes of Malhar: the raaga
that quenches thirst?
Thirst that grips immortals, yearning
for the unreachable, 
When Tansen blessed it with life
How did i hear Tansen 
the richness of his melody?

The soul's journey 
seems long for the body.
Matter that crumbles and decays!
But for the spirit,
blessed with timelessness
the melody of yore remains fresh,
blending with it 
every right moment.

The little drops that fell
Spoke to my soul, briefly beckoned
to a realm unknown...........
Her gentle hands unseen
forever outstretched-
But i stood alone, missing..... !!
I spotted him somewhere
Fiery and ruddy,
living for others.
Near, yet so far- away from my touch......

As i watched, the torrents lashed
soaking me-essence and body
Is this a cleansing?
Did all look bright?
For, the artist had dotted the picture
with crimson spots.

(mazhayude thanthrikal meetti ninnakasham / madhuramayaardramayi padi.....Dr. Yusuf Ali Kecheri, Meghamalhar)

" Mazhayude Thantrikal Meettiyinnakasham Madhuramayi Aardramayi Paadi " - Dr.Yusuf Ali Kecheri , Megh Malhar (Malayalam Movie)